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Tell us about you, your organization and/or your current/future project(s).

Basically, there are three social roles and spheres of mine. For the past five years, I have been practicing civil journalism, for the past two years I have been studying political science and during this time, the level of my civil activism, in general, has been growing. The main site of my civil activism is my University (NaUKMA) which is not only an educational institution but also a place for the development of initiatives. I am a member of student organization “Ukrainian student”, which focuses on organizing free lectures and meetings for students with famous and interesting people, charity markets and common participation of students in projects on a wider level (Kyiv and All-Ukrainian). Within “Ukrainian student” I plan to realize “Mohylianka Net”- a project which aims at conducting live discussions for students’ unity and common actions.

Why and when did you become an active citizen?

Actually, I don’t remember when and how it was and I can’t exactly define the time of being a non-active and an active citizen. Probably, it’s the process of growing and understanding of social responsibility. But I can explain the reason for my being active – a reason which remains the same: My civil activism is based on this strong desire to develop the potential ability of growing and a successful future of my country – which it deserves.

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What are your hopes, goals and expectations for the future and how do you plan to realize them?

At the beginning, I mentioned three spheres of mine. In my long-term planning of future activity, they intersect at the point of civil and political education. That is what I’ve chosen to implement because I believe that real improvements in the country begin from knowledge and understanding of mechanisms so as to act in politics and civil life effectively. I plan to realize this aspiration through the circle of trainings on political education for youth. Besides, I will do it through journalistic texts and videos as a civil journalist. I also have an expectation of gathering people for more active live talks and discussions in order to common acts for common goals. The first step is to create the project “Mohylianka Net” in my university – in order to realize this, I will first of all, if needed, organize a research among students.

What are you wishes for the future of Ukraine and for yourself?

For the past 25 years, Ukraine has been moving away from its Soviet past and this aspiration remains the only ground on which we build our national ideology. But I think it’s not enough. We should find our own particular place in the world which corresponds to our particular context. We should count foreign experience but also realize our uniqueness. My wish for Ukraine is that it will come to define its own way clearly and for myself I wish to be helpful in this process.

YOU are Active in Ukraine. Where do you locate yourself within the Ukrainian society?

In answering this, I once again refer to three main spheres of my activity: I see my place within Ukrainian society as a civil activist, journalist, and future political scientist who shares political and civil education through different channels (videos, texts, trainings).


Facebook: Orysia Hrudka
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Національний університет “Києво-Могилянська академія” (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy)