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ActiveYOUkraine was founded in 2016 as a project to capture the diversity of activism inside and outside of Ukraine. Using the Digital Storytelling method, we aim to give a direct insight into the work of grassroot initiatives, activist groups and organizations in Ukraine.

ActiveYOUkraine consists of three main parts:

A workshop concept that aims at capacity building among activists, especially concerning digital media skills.
A website that acts as a platform for Ukrainian activists inside and outside Ukraine.
A growing network of Ukrainian and European activists who are actively exchanging experiences, stories and ideas.



The ActiveYOUkraine team offers capacity building training courses teaching the method of digital storytelling. Our main aspiration is to facilitate skill development in the field of digital media, such as:

    • creative story writing
    • scripting and planning a story board
    • photo- and video techniques
    • audio- and video editing
    • self-reflection

Participants write, script, shoot and edit their own digital stories during our workshops. The finished videos will be uploaded on the website activeyoukraine.org to spread the word and reach a bigger audience.



The website activeyoukraine.org provides an overview of NGOs, projects, initiatives and activists that are engaged in different realms of Ukrainian civil society. The Digital Stories (short videos from 2-4 minutes) and interviews of Ukrainian activists found on our website talk about:

    • the activist’s projects
    • their personal story and experiences
    • challenges, successes and visions

Over time, activeyoukraine.org will grow into a “map of activism” in Ukraine, where people can search and find local or regional initiatives, projects, organizations and get in contact with engaged people. By using a modern and creative approach (digital storytelling), we strive to increase the visibility of Ukrainian activists and their initiatives, groups and NGOS in Ukraine and abroad, and we aim to reach a diverse and international target group.



ActiveYOUkraine brings together a network of activists in Ukraine and Europe aiming at:

    • initiating an exchange of experiences and life stories between active people in Europe
    • inspiring new projects
    • pushing forward new partnerships

We are part of the interdisciplinary platform UkraineLab curated by Insha Osvita and MitOst, which operates in Germany, Ukraine as well as other East European countries. Our Ukrainian partners are Logos NGO and Society Initiative Institute in Lviv.