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Digital Storytelling

“Short, personal multimedia tales told from the heart.“
Daniel Meadows


Digital Storytelling is a simple and innovative method which allows everyone to convey a personal story in an illustrative way in a video of two to five minutes.There is no limit to creativity: a Digital Story combines classical storytelling with digital elements. Short bits of music or other audio pieces, as well as photos, graphics and animations – all of these elements can be included in the video in order to tell the story.


A Digital Stories can be used:

  • to tell a personal story in a creative way
  • to promote political and social claims
  • for informal and non-formal education
  • for cultural and historical projects and chronicles

Digital Stories on ActiveYOUkraine.org focus on the activists’ lives and personal turning points connected to their active/voluntary work. Questions we put forward to our participants in preparation of the storyline are: Why and how do you engage in society? Which challenges did you come across on your way? What visions/ dreams/ wishes do you have for your society? And what motivates you to be an active citizen?


Useful Links:

Story Center is a nonprofit organziation which founded the global Digital Storytelling movement.

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A cookbook for Digital Storytelling published by the Center for Digital Storytelling.