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Tell us about you, your organization and/or your current/future project(s).

I am a volunteer of the project „Art Friends“, organized by the Pinchuk Art Center. This project helps children with disabilities to develop their potential in art and at the same time socialize with different people (mainly volunteers). At this project I assist teacher with organizing games, art therapy and other activities that we usually do. In the future, I plan to become a volunteer in another charity organization „Farni Charita”, which provides help for socially and physically disadvantaged people and for minorities. My main task there will be to organize non-formal educational activities, cultural events, workshops and sport activities (karate, floorball, gym) for children.

Why and when did you become an active citizen?

I became a volunteer during my studies at the university. My teacher asked to participate in hand-made workshop for children with disabilities, which was provided by her charity organization. I participated and I really liked the process, so I became an active volunteer in her organization. Eventually I understand that by helping others you help yourself to become a better person.

What are your hopes, goals and expectations for the future and how do you plan to realize them?

I want to keep volunteering and I hope other people at my age will understand the importance of being an active citizen. Of course I cannot push someone to become a volunteer, it definitely should be the internal willingness, but what I can do is to show the benefits of volunteering like self-development, new useful contacts, emotional satisfaction from your results etc.

What are you wishes for the future of Ukraine and for yourself?

I wish one day Ukrainian society will become more tolerant and active. Unfortunately, in the condition of the permanent crisis it is hard to stay kind, tolerant and motivated person, so we shouldn’t be blaming Ukrainian society. This is a deep problem, but I feel like last two years were the start of building a new Ukrainian society.
For myself and for all my peers I wish patience and wisdom, as we are the first generation of really independent Ukraine and we have to build this country so our children will live in prosperous European country.

YOU are Active in Ukraine – where do you locate yourself within the Ukrainian society?

I see myself as a social worker whose contribution may not be so big, but is still important.


вул. Велика Васильківська/Басейна 1/3-2,
блок А, Бесарабський квартал, Київ, 01004
Website: pinchukartcentre.org
Mail: info@pinchukartcentre.org
Facebook: facebook.com/PinchukArtCentre