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Tell us about you, your organization and/or your current/future project(s).

My civil platform Nyvky Park – EcoRevival gladly takes in new friends! We can involve everyone – neighbours, university students, NGOs, sport societies. We don’t make any commercial plans. All events are volunteer, follow us on facebook!:)

Why and when did you become an active citizen?

I received new energy from EuroMaidan revolution in 2014. Two years ago I started the group Nyvky Park – EcoRevival which now is a big civil platform.

What are your hopes, goals and expectations for the future and how do you plan to realize them?

I hope that my surroundings, my neighbourhood, my park, my region, my city will be changing in a positive way.
I expect to continue having presents from life, new acquaintances with positive and constructively-oriented dreamers who give their time to volunteer projects.

What are you wishes for the future of Ukraine and for yourself?

To Ukraine I wish happiness, peace, harmony, unity, progress, addressing its citizens in native language.
To myself I wish health and God’s kindness to help me make my plans come true.

YOU are Active in Ukraine – where do you locate yourself within the Ukrainian society?

I see myself in different new projects, which – the time will tell.


“Парк Нивки” (Park Nyvky)
Facebook: facebook.com/nivkypark