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Tell us about you, your organization and/or your current/future project(s).

My name is Julia, I am still studying at school. I am not part of any organization but my very personal project is to become more aware of ecology and to use my knowledge in a practical way. I want to raise awareness to environmental issues and inspire other people to do the same. So far, I have inspired my neighbors to join my ideas and be more aware of ecological issues.

Why and when did you become an active citizen?

When I attended my guide class, my teacher always brought us with her to all events and motivated us to be active and make events in a very fun and easy way – so we got involved. I really like to be an active citizen because it gives me the feeling that I can change something.

What are your hopes, goals and expectations for the future and how do you plan to realize them?

I wish I could enter my university and pass the ZNO exam. Firstly, I need to pick a university choose a subject I want to pass and start preparing them.

What are you wishes for the future of Ukraine and for yourself?

My wish for the future is that all Ukrainians including me of course, become more active and ambitious than we all are right now. Because if we just stand all together, we can do and reach all we need and dream of.

YOU are Active in Ukraine – where do you locate yourself within the Ukrainian society?

I think that I am a beginner in social activism but I am trying to participate in all activities. And I want to organize some events when I will be older and more experienced.