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Tell us about you, your organization and/or your current/future project(s).

I am an artist, co-founder of a co-working space called “Bilyy Prostir” and manager in arts and culture. “Bilyy Prostir” as a project takes most of my time: it runs as a place to work, study and meet people, but also, more importantly, as a platform for bringing activists’ ideas to life. There, young people can come, work and see their ideas and ambitions being fulfilled with no bureaucratic schemes. I think more projects in my life will be based on or continue this idea of freedom and “all and nothing”, though, surely, most of them will be related to visual art.

Why and when did you become an active citizen?

“Bilyy Prostir” is the reason and premise of my activism. By creating it, my colleague and I were solving a task on design: we saw the flaw, we fixed it. That’s how, in my opinion, activism works in Ukraine – people see something they can make better, and they work hard on perfecting it. Yes, I didn’t know, what was I dragging myself into, but I never in my life regretted it: I’ve been part of so many great projects, met so many interesting people, had so many ideas rushing in my head. All of this is part of being active in your community, and I’m extremely happy about it.

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What are your hopes, goals and expectations for the future and how do you plan to realize them?

I hope to make a difference; I hope to create a piece of art, that isn’t questionable as art, natural, and also deeply incorporated inside not only its age, but humankind. Every experience I have gets me closer to that: by painting I get more experienced as a visual artist, by managing different projects I learn to work with concepts and their representation and perception, by running “Bilyy Prostir”, I meet people, perfect my communication skills and learn teamwork.

What are you wishes for the future of Ukraine and for yourself?

Ukrainians have to realize that they have their own way – politically, culturally, technologically. I don’t mean not cooperating; we as a nation have a lot to learn. But the application of that new knowledge is on us and is unique. I see this principle being used on the level of community activism, and I think that’s our future – getting it to the level of the whole country. And I see my social role in all of this as a “drop in the ocean”, though it’s worth mentioning that all Ukrainian ocean drops are so unique and strong and ambitious individuals, which makes our future brighter.

YOU are Active in Ukraine – where do you locate yourself within the Ukrainian society?

I’m a young adult, and I know that my social impact is still small, but I can see that experienced individuals that make the history nowadays are still careful for young people and give them a chance. I feel that I have been given a chance and opportunities to be myself, to learn, to create. So I see myself as a part of a wave of reforms for the better of my society.


Білий Простір (Bilyy Prostir)Logo_Biliy Prostiir_Neu
Adress: м. Київ, вул. Іллінська, 9
Mail: bilyi.prostir@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/bilyiprostir