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Tell us about you, your organization and/or your current/future project(s).

My name is Yevgeniya, I was born in Kyiv, but 13 years ago I moved to Germany. I was always an active person and liked to organize big events for my friends. I am even thinking about a professional career with global projects, where I could organize and coordinate people. Since I moved from Leipzig to Berlin this year, I became a new coordinator of “Ukrainischer Stammtisch”.
“Ukrainischer Stammtisch” is the German title for “Ukrainian roundtable” – that means regular meetings of Ukrainians and everybody who is interested to know more about Ukraine. This initiative has similar aims like Active YOUkraine. It is a platform for the exchange of ideas and a possibility to find useful information about Ukraine and Ukrainians – only live, from person to person! We celebrate Ukrainian holidays, we invite Ukrainian artists and we help new Ukrainians feel comfortable in Berlin. And everybody is welcome here, no matter what language they speak, or what country they are from.

How did the idea of your project/ organization evolve since you started it?

I didn’t start this project. Ukrainische Stammtisch in Berlin exists since 2007 and next year we are going to celebrate its 10th birthday. I know, that some people were always interested to come, but the actual rise of activity of this project started with Euromaidan revolution in Ukraine. People started to be more interested to meet up and to organize events to promote Ukrainian willing to integrate into the EU. And for almost three years now Stammtisch is a platform for soulmates and people who support Ukraine. yevgenia

Who (which part of society) are you addressing with your project and why?

To everybody, who wants to know more about Ukraine and Ukrainians and wishes peace in my country. Sometimes we have guests from Poland and Czech Republic, countries, that always advocated Ukraine, but also Russian people come to join our events and we are happy about it.

What are the goals, expectations and hopes for your organization/ project and yourself?

We should grow and stay active for at least next 10 years! Of course there are many active people, that never stop to come and meet up, but I would like to see more young people with new input and ideas. It is so exciting to see new faces every time, and to see that people really enjoy spending time with each other and even start to plan meetings aside from Stammtisch, make friendships and find useful contacts.

What was your biggest challenge that you overcame in the process of working in the project? Can you share your solutions you came up with?

The biggest challenge is till now to find right places, interesting topics and the time, that fits to most of the participants. I didn’t find a solution, yet, but I hope I will soon.


“Ukrainischer Stammtisch in Berlin”
Facebook: facebook.com/StammtischUA