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Active YOUkraine is happy to invite you to a Digital Storytelling evening in the
Ukrainian Embassy in Berlin on Wednesday, 21. September 2016 at 7pm!

Join this event in order to see some of our Digital Stories and participate in an
exciting discussion with Ukrainian and German activist on the situation of civil
society in Europe.

Pre-registration is required. For the registration please send your full name and
name of organization until 18th of September 2016 to ukrainelab@mitost.org.

The event is part of the interdisciplinary conference on civil society UkraineLab (http://www.dialogue-for-change.org/en/)

Language: German/English (with Ukrainian translation)
Place: Ukraine Embassy in Germany, Albrechtstrasse 26
Transport: Bus 147: Deutsche Theater; U6: Oranienburger Tor